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Working with a variety of companies from startup to enterprise, I can provide expert services and advice for your business to thrive and ship robust products.

In the past, I've worked with York Press, Cappfinity and CloudCall and many more.


  • Website Performance Consultancy. This involves in-depth analysis of your website for performance and accessibility issues. Afterwards, I'll work with your development team to implement the fixes.
  • Monitoring. Is your system going down all the time? Do you get random tickets with hard to find issues? I can help shed light on this by building robust monitoring interfaces for you and your team.
  • Software Development. Having been a software developer for 7+ years, I have the experience of building projects from the ground up, improving existing systems, and breaking down large systems into microservices.
  • Technical Architecture. I can help you design and implement reliable architectures that can handle millions of customers and new features.
  • DevOps and Automation. Using Infrastructure-as-code tools and CI Pipeline tools, I can save your development team time, catch bugs before your customers and create reuseable systems.

How it works

Get in touch via Email (me@joshghent.com) or Book a call to clarify what services you need and demonstrate what I can offer to you.

Upon agreement of the quote and deliverables, we'll exchange any contracts that we need and I'll get to work!