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I'm Josh. I make robust apps for the web. I'm currently building TurboAPI - a tool to manage your API and Website performance. I also organize MidlandsJS.

I work with SME businesses to supercharge their website and application performance, implement strong development practises as well as designing and building scalable infrastructure in the cloud.

I primarily work with NodeJS, Typescript and Python. And deploy applications to AWS with Terraform, Cloudformation or Serverless. But, I am a big fan of principle based learning so set my hand to any application I am given.

If you want to work together email me!

Currently, I work for York Press as Lead Software Engineer. In the past, I've worked with some amazing companies such as Cappfinity and CloudCall.

On this blog, I'm documenting my learnings in software, building products and helping my clients. I use this blog as a second brain for reference.

You can find my talks on Speakerdeck

Here's how I set up my computers with an automated installation script to install programs, dotfiles and configurations.

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  • TurboAPI
    I created TurboAPI after facing problems constantly rebuilding custom end-to-end monitoring and API performance tracking tools. This tool helps customers track their end-to-end application and API performance over time. These insights help them bring faster experiences to their customers to increase conversions.
  • ESFiddle
    Create ES6+ code snippets in your browser and share them with your friends. code
  • PlaceDog
    A simple service to get cute dogs as placeholders for your websites and designs. Just add a width and height to the end of the url.
  • Timberseed
    Wordpress website for a recruitment company based in London.
  • LastFM 2 Slack
    Docker bot for posting your currently scrobbled LastFm track as your Slack Status

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