Developer Musings


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I'm Josh. I make robust apps for the web. I act as lead maintainer of ESFiddle. And organize MidlandsJS

You can find my resume here.

I write articles on various topics to do with software development here.

You can find my talks on Speakerdeck

If you want to work together email me!

/* Contact */

/mail -

/github - joshghent

/resume - resume.pdf

/* Projects */

  • TurboAPI
    I created TurboAPI after facing problems constantly rebuilding custom end-to-end monitoring and API performance tracking tools. This tool helps customers track their end-to-end application and API performance over time. These insights help them bring faster experiences to their customers to increase conversions.
  • ESFiddle
    Create ES6+ code snippets in your browser and share them with your friends. code
  • GifBar
    A Mac Menu bar for find your favourite gifs
  • Timberseed
    Wordpress website for a recruitment company based in London.
  • LastFM 2 Slack
    Docker bot for posting your currently scrobbled LastFm track as your Slack Status