Cut to the Chase

Scheduling time with friends and family is even more critical nowadays. But I’ve noticed a trend that goes something like this:

“We should get together some time”
“Yeah when is good for you”
“I’m easy, when works for you”
“I’m easy too, could we do a weekday afternoon”
“Urrmm, I can’t do Tuesday and Thursday afternoons”

You get the idea... I'm sure you've all had conversations like that. We're all guilty of doing this. And what results? Nothing. Arrangements don't get made. In 6 months time, you might send or receive a message that says "oh we never did this? Are you free soon?" and thus, the cycle continues.

But how could we make it better?

“Hey we should get together to play some games, how does Friday at 7 sound?”
“Sounds great but can’t do then, shall we say Saturday at 7?”
“Done deal”

So much better. Why?

  1. 📆 You aren’t left guessing about the other's calendar
  2. 🙊 Less messages mean you’re more likely to actually book something in.
  3. 🤝 You are both assured of the others commitment to schedule something

If you’ve been sent to this website by someone, don’t take it personally! They love you and want to spend time with you! ❤️