Deeply Remove a Key from an Object

Recently I had the problem of removing a specific key from an object. Normally I would use omit from the Lodash or Ramda library. But, there was a catch - I also needed to remove the key from nested structures within the object.

Here is a code snippet of how I solved it in NodeJS with Lodash.

I’m sure you can make this VanillaJS but transform is a handy function to use.

import { transform } from 'lodash';

const isObject(value) {
    const type = typeof value
    return type === 'function' || type === 'object' && !Array.isArray(value) && !!value

// Deeply remove keys from an object
// @param - obj: Object - the object to remove the key from
// @params - keysToOmit: Array/String - string or array of strings of keys to remove
const deepOmit = (obj, keysToOmit) => {
  const keysToOmitIndex = Array.isArray(keysToOmit) ? keysToOmit : [keysToOmit]);

  function omitFromObject(o: any) { // the inner function which will be called recursivley
    return transform(o, (result, value, key) => { // transform to a new object
      if (keysToOmitIndex.indexOf(key) !== -1) { // if the key is in the index skip it

      result[key] = isObject(value) ? omitFromObject(value) : value; // if the key is an object run it through the inner function - omitFromObject

  return omitFromObject(obj); // return the inner function result


You can use the function like this

const obj = {"_id": 1, "name": "Josh Ghent", "title": "Software Engineer", metadata: {"_id": 2, "company": "Turbo Technologies"}}

const result = deepOmit(obj, ["_id", "name"])
// =>
// {
//   title: 'Software Engineer',
//   metadata: { company: 'Turbo Technologies' }
// }


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