Common phrases that probably aren't true

There are a litany of common phrases that are found on lots of packaging and in marketing materials. The problem is, that most of them aren't true. This is a collection of phrases I've come across that just aren't true and why you should be skeptical of them.

  1. "Sustainably sourced" - sustainable doesn't mean it's not harmful to the environment
  2. "Web scale" - ambiguous and lacks clear definition
  3. "We care" - when said by a cooperation of any kind
  4. "Clean" prefixing any fossil fuel (e.g., "clean coal") - science doesn't support that any fossil fuels can somehow be carbon neutral
  5. "We practise agile" - most businesses practise fast waterfall
  6. "No hidden fees" - usually has caveats around when the business will honour this
  7. "Lifetime guarantee" - this guarantee is not a binding legal statement that can be easily reversed
  8. "Detox" - there is no scientific evidence to support getting rid of "toxins" in the body.
  9. "World-class" - subjective term
  10. "100% natural" - hydrochloric acid is natural but not something I'd want to consume.