In 2020, my wife and I decluttered 10 carloads of stuff from our home. Since then, we've vowed not to devote our lives to things. We want to focus on travelling more, spending less and generally have more freedom.

This ethos of "less" carried over into our travel setup as well. And we've now done a few trips with this setup, learning a lot on the way.

It's hard to describe a "eureka" moment of "ultralight" travel because it happens in such small ways, from being able to breeze through checkout to not getting caught on cobbled European streets with a giant carry-on case or worrying that you're over the weight limit for a flight.

This post is not a guide or filled with affiliate links; it's merely a collection of the stuff I use and like. Because there are only a few things here, extensive research was conducted before buying them. Also, everything was purchased gradually over time due to the cost of some items.

But you don't need fancy gear to pack ultralight. Most of the items you probably have in your wardrobe already.

I decided to include and exclude certain items from my bag based on my requirements; yours might be different.

Enjoy :)






This is the stuff I add for hiking trips. So far, I haven't taken my hiking stuff through an airport so just watch out for that! Currently, I'm in the middle of picking a tent and quilt - I will update this list when I get them.


But what about X?

In all likelihood, I don’t take it. But if you feel you need it, pack it. After you have travelled, see if you used that thing or not and go from there. Continue to cut the fat.

For activity related gear like snorkels and goggles, you can usually rent this or borrow it. Just make sure to clean it first - I got a nasty cold in Turkey from a snorkel 🤮

No toiletries?

Again, to save time, I try to carry no liquid toiletries. Most airbnbs have shower stuff and small toothpaste is generally brought wherever I go.

How much does this all weigh?

Generally speaking the pack weights 8kg or less. 6kg without a laptop.

Thanks for reading!