Raising £1000 for MSF

TL;DR I'm raising money for Medicins Sans Frontiers by running my first half marathon. You can donate here

I love running. It's such a simple exercise. All you need is some good shoes, good music and, ideally, good weather.

I love that I can run literally anywhere I am in the world and see new things and explore the terrain.

When I first started, 5 kilometres was like climbing Everest. I wouldn't say I was unfit, but being in a sedentary job for many years, and not much attention paid to fitness led to a weak stamina.

Unfortunately it took some health problems from family members to prompt me to pay proper attention to my health.

As I worked up from 5 kilometres, to 10, then to 15. I was looking for another challenge. A full marathon has always been a goal of mine, but seemed like too much of a stretch.

When I saw the Birmingham Great Run Half Marathon advertised, I knew that was just the challenge I needed.

Alongside this increased attention to fitness, I was also reading through Peter Singers book, "The Life you can Save". I won't rehash it here because it's been discussed at length elsewhere. But, crucially, it made me realised that although my wife and I gave to charity already, we could do more.

Kill two birds with one stone.

So, the thought occurred to me - "why not run and raise money for charity at the same time?".

I launched a fundraiser through JustGiving in the coming days. I chose the charity MSF chiefly because of the great work they do and the high amount of money they spend on their activities versus marketing, salaries etc.

I'm still quite worried about doing 21.2 kilometres. But, the important thing is I am running and raising money for a great cause.

I need your help to reach the goal of £1000. So, please, if you have a few quid donate to the fundraiser here: https://justgiving.com/fundraising/josh-ghent

The business my wife and I run, Turbo Technologies, will be doing a donation match of up to £1000 ourselves. Hopefully in totally we can raise £2000.