Salary History

My salary history from when I started working until now.

I’m publishing this for transparency and so others can get the salary they deserve regardless of their background, race or gender.

If it’s helped you, let me know on twitter.

Date Amount Company Job Title Location
Sep 2015 £12,500 SchoolPod QA Engineer Leicester, UK
~Jul 2016 £13,500 SchoolPod Developer Leicester, UK
Jan 2017 £20,000 Frogspark Full Stack Developer Derby, UK
Feb 2018 £35,000 CloudCall Developer Leicester, UK
~May 2019 £42,000 CloudCall Senior Developer Leicester, UK
Jul 2019 £53,000 Cappfinity Senior Developer Birmingham, UK / Remote
Oct 2020 £65,000 York Press Lead Developer Remote
Nov 2021 ?* Turbo Technologies Director Remote

*I genuinely don’t know how much I really get paid now because it varies wildly with different contracts. My current day rate is around £650.


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